Simple but so original

Image Copyright: Jason Travis

Image Copyright: Jason Travis

Today while browsing the internet, I stumbled on a photo project that has been going on for a couple years now and I was amazed. The project "Persona diptych series" was started in 2007 by photographer Jason Travis and has been featured in numerous publication and on many news outlet. The idea is simple, Jason decided to capture what each individual considered essential enough to carry around with them everyday. 

At first I was tempted to look away but as soon as I started to browse the photos on Jason's Flickr stream, I was addicted. I spent a god hour just peaking into people's pocket and you know what, it was amazing. The way the images are framed and the objects are precisely laid on a flat surface magically tells a story about the owner. Just by looking at what a person carry, you can sort of tell what kind of people they are or what their habits are and the car they drive.

This is a great example of story telling with photography in it's simplest form!

Have a look for yourself on Jason's Flickr stream.