My name is Alex Mensi.

I'm a Photographer / Blogger based in Montreal, Canada. I'm very passionate about both the technical and the artistic aspect of photography. I consider myself as a street and documentary photographer. I do commercial work and a lot of creative personal projects.  

I started this blog in 2014 after having rediscovered the joys of photography by selling all my gear. Yes, I sold everything and I had a lot of it. I've been a Nikon photographer for years. I was even an NPS member. One day I realized i wasn't taking a lot of pictures while I was traveling. One of the main reason was that I was either scared of bringing my gear along or it was just too heavy.

So in 2013, I decided to buy a small Fuji X100s. Guess what, I ended up having this camera on me all the time and taking a lot more pictures. But I still had my Nikon gears and on a trip to Chicago in the summer of 2014, I brought my Nikon camera instead of the Fuji. Big mistake, I took at most 50 pictures and the gear stayed at the hotel most of the trip. It was way too heavy and unpractical to carry around. 

So when I came back, I rented a Fuji X-T1 and did a full commercial job with it. That was it, as soon as I was done, I sold all my Nikon gear and now I'm a full-time Fuji Photographer. The products they make and the vision of the company fits 100% with my values and what I expect to get out of photography. These cameras allow me to really focus on photography and creativity.  

That's why I decided to start this blog and share my experiences with other photographers. I intend to offer unbiased and real life information to help other photographers with their everyday photography.